How To Build & Maintain A Positive Work Culture Virtually

August 26, 2021

How To Build & Maintain A Positive Work Culture Virtually

Hiring remote workers has a lot of benefits for your business. With access to a global talent pool, hiring them can bring versatility, a high level of productivity, and efficiency to the team. However, all these benefits come with a fair share of remote employee management challenges as well. If your employees are working remotely, whether temporarily or permanently, you need to take certain steps to build a positive remote work culture that can lead to a more engaged team.

When the covid-19 pandemic began, almost everyone had to switch to working their corporate jobs remotely. This practice has shown exceptional success in the last few months and most individuals now want working from home to be the new normal. However, with remote work becoming a norm, many employers and managers are realizing the need to build a strong remote work culture for the long-term success of these new working practices.

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What Is Workplace Culture?

Workplace culture refers to the environment you create for your employees and staff. It plays a very important role in determining workplace progression, work satisfaction, job satisfaction, and the relationships between the employer/employees.

The culture of any organization or workplace is a result of its traditions, beliefs, leadership values, interactions, attitudes, and behaviors. These contribute towards the creation of a positive emotional and relational environment for your organization or company.

The factors that determine or govern your workplace’s culture are usually the unstated and unspoken rules that help form strong professional relationships among employees. The culture of your workplace is not only important to maintain a good office environment but also to create a good team synergy.

Why Is Workplace Culture Important For Virtual Teams?

Irrespective of where the members of a team are working from, it is still a team. A remote or virtual team also requires the same amount of communication, commitment, relationships, and synergy to work effectively and achieve their goals, both individual and collective.

Building a positive and strong work culture not only ensures the effective completion of tasks but also provides additional benefits to your company. These include enhanced productivity, increased employee morale, reduced absenteeism, and low employee turnover.

It can be very difficult and challenging to create and maintain a work culture remotely. For example, there are no common meal breaks to interact in, no water coolers or coffee makers for employees to gather around and chit chat. Water cooler talk is considered a core to the creation of workplace culture, losing this core attribute will surely make the job harder.

Tips To Build A Positive Remote Work Culture

Onboard Your Employees The Right Way

Building a positive remote work culture starts before your new team member officially logs in. Since first impressions matter a lot for the reputation of your company, you need to ensure that they do not face roadblocks like incorrect permissions or failure to log in.

In addition to this, you also need to ensure the availability of required resources for employee onboarding. Moreover, you should also make sure that your new team member is introduced to the rest of the team on their very first day. Effective employee onboarding is all about creating a supportive environment for them by encouraging your team to be welcoming.

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Create Connections Between Teammates

As a manager, you should practice conducting regular calls, video or voice, with your remote team members to connect, provide support, and answer questions. Make sure to provide them with avenues such as instant message hangouts, video calls, and other real-time communication channels for making connections and project collaborations.

Schedule regular communications outside of work for fun activities as well. This is a great way to connect team members who share common interests or hobbies, and partner someone new to collaborate on a project with an experienced co-worker.

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Visible leadership, adhering to core values, and excellent management are great ways to maintain a good work culture. Apart from these, there are various other ways to effectively build and maintain a strong and positive workplace culture for your company or organization. These include:

  • Supporting professional growth
  • Communicating and collaborating
  • Recognizing their accomplishments
  • Supporting a healthy work-life balance

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