Top 3 Advantages Of Hiring Remote Workers

June 24, 2021

Top 3 Advantages Of Hiring Remote Workers

Previously, remote working was seen as more like a necessity instead of a proper occupation. Every once in a while, due to unforeseen circumstances like personal engagement or bad weather, managers would allow their employees to work from home. But with technological advancement, the work scenario has completely changed. Now, we’re in the midst of a completely new age of ‘remote work.’

This switch from in-office to remote work coupled with stable access to the internet has made it easier for remote staff to be more productive, regardless of their location. Numerous businesses now hire remote workers from all over the world. These workers are allowed to work online from virtually anywhere they want.

Business owners should take advantage of the growing number of employees willing to work remotely instead of a traditional office environment. Read this post to find out more about some of the major advantages of hiring remote workers.

Increased Productivity

Being able to choose when and where to work gives you a feeling of control over your life. It allows you to channel this feeling into being a lot more productive. A Harvard Business Review study suggests that working from home boosts productivity and allows employees to work remotely.

There is some risk of distraction when it comes to working from home. However, the potential benefits significantly outweigh these risks. For instance, it was observed in the same study that employees started tasks earlier, took shorter breaks, asked for fewer sick leaves, and showed more eagerness in doing extra work.

This work arrangement had many benefits from the perspective of remote workers. For example, no errand runs during lunch breaks, more manageable schedules that allow them to perform house chores without compromising their job, and no rush hour commute stress to and from work.

Also, by setting their own work hours, remote workers were able to get more work done. This is because everyone has different periods when they’re more productive based on their lifestyle, personality type, and genetics. Some are early risers, while others cannot function properly until it is late in the evening.

Wider Talent Pool

Another advantage of hiring remote workers is that you have a wider talent pool to choose from. You can hire talented individuals from the same area as your company’s headquarters or choose to hire individuals from all over the world. You can hire potential candidates with diverse backgrounds as the remote employee pool is global.

Companies that are not located in big cities can significantly benefit from this arrangement. This means that, as an employer, you’ll have a large number of individuals available that best fit the particular job requirement you are looking for. It also gives you access to the best talent globally, as remote employees seek jobs that allow them to have more control over their work schedule.

Working outside of normal business hours is a great way to boost your employee’s productivity and retention.

Lower Environmental Impact

Remote work means that your employees will rarely have to commute between the office and their home. Thus, your business’s carbon footprint will be significantly smaller. Remote working has significantly reduced pollution. According to statistics shown by Global Workforce Analytics, GHGs or greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced to 54 million tons annually throughout the world. This translates to 10 million fewer vehicles on the road.

Environmental awareness has seen its all-time high recently with the rise in global warming and increasing climate change impacts. Everyone from large corporations to small companies is encouraged to introduce greener strategies into their routine business operations. Because of this, one should appreciate the environmental benefits of remote work.

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