Top Remote Employee Engagement Ideas For 2022

February 10, 2022

Top Remote Employee Engagement Ideas For 2022

Remote work has gained popularity over the last few years. Senior and junior employees across organizations now prefer working from home, especially after the pandemic. Initially, when work from home orders started, nobody believed that it would be the new normal. However, the results were quite unexpected as many people liked the idea of working from the comfort of their home.

One of the biggest challenges companies faced during this period was the engagement of remote workers. Many noticed that there were communication gaps and not as much engagement among the remote employees as before. Though many companies took several measures to mitigate this by opting for smart software, conducting interactive meetings, or suggesting different activities, the challenge of engagement was still there.

There was a need to adapt measures that would increase communication and engagement among employees. In 2022, we can see further companies opting for remote work and working from different places worldwide. Statistics show that by 2028, 73% of all departments in the world will have remote workers.

If you are in the same boat and are scrambling with increasing employee engagement, this blog might help you. We will mention some common measures you can take to increase remote employee engagement in 2022.

Make Communication Frequent

It can be easy to feel out of the loop if you don’t hold regular meetings or join your team. If internal communications are not well-managed, your workers might feel detached from the rest of the team.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to identify such channels that might help overcome these communication gaps with the team. You must hold meetings every day and use proper software and communication tools. Slack, Google Meet, and Zoom are just a few of the numerous meeting and communication softwares available tht you can use for this purpose.

Everyone across the organization should be informed about the upcoming virtual meeting to participate in the meetings. Everyone should be welcome to speak up by conducting interactive meetings and activities so that every remote worker feels like part of that company.

Give Ideas For Different Virtual Activities

Virtual activities are a great idea to break the ice among remote employees and create a bond. Different activities include solving puzzles, crosswords, following a theme, water cooler conversations, and more.

Conducting these activities after a few days will create excitement in your employees to join that meeting and take part. Moreover, you can ask for other employees’ opinions about these activities and add new ice-breaking sessions based on these suggestions.

You Should Be Available As A Manager

Employees working under a manager need support at times. Managers are responsible for taking care of their workers and being available for them just like they are in office. Frequent meetings should be conducted to clarify any confusion a remote worker might be facing.

Being able to connect with their manager makes them feel connected to the company. It means that the manager considers them to be a part of the company and assigns them daily tasks.

Appreciate Them

Positive and constructive feedback is extremely important to maintain a healthy workplace. Appreciating your remote workers increases their morale and makes them work harder. When working from home, it is possible for remote workers to feel that nobody is noticing their work, and they might not appreciate it.

The best way to let them know that you appreciate them is to recognize and reward them for their work. You can hold an annual company dinner somewhere if possible and give them awards for their performances. Employees who are recognized for their efforts are more satisfied with the company, and thus, won’t mind working hard for it.

Emphasize On Video Meetings

Many organizations conduct meetings, but most of them are audio ones. This way remote employees don’t get a chance to see each other, making them feel more engaged with their co-workers. When you see each other’s body language and facial expressions, it automatically creates a more engaging environment. So, dress well next time and have a video meeting with your fellows. Read more about conducting productive meetings in this blog.

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