Perks You Can Include In A Remote Worker Benefit Package

March 31, 2022

Perks You Can Include In A Remote Worker Benefit Package

Many people might think that remote work is not as hard as an on-site job. However, this is not true as remote work demands consecutive focus and presence for the work along with other distractions, which can be even more tiring.

Nowadays, people and companies are shifting towards remote job options because of their numerous benefits. With tons of options available, it might become competitive for companies to find the best remote candidates and offer them the best packages.

Remote employers don’t just consider the salary only. Instead, many companies are offering benefit packages besides salary. So, it is becoming a competitive situation among companies, looking for ways to offer their candidates something so they can join their firm and work for them.

Therefore, employers must consider the value of their remote workers and provide them with the best of everything. So, as an employer, you need to ask yourself certain questions. How does your company stand out? What could be an attractive benefit your company could offer to grab more remote workers?

Apart from their basic salary, you can offer some perks and benefits to your candidates. This blog post mentions some great ideas to include in your benefits package for remote workers.

Some Stats About Remote Employee Benefits

  • Statistics show that almost 40% of employees say that the greatest benefit of remote work is a flexible work schedule in the US.
  • Almost 50% of remote workers in Canada choose remote work because of a lack of commute.
  • Most workers emphasized flexible work schedules in remote work.
  • 90% of remote workers would recommend working remotely to a friend.

Check out some other interesting stats of remote work here.

Some Perks To Include In A Remote Employee Benefit Package

Health Care

Health care is one of the most required benefits by remote workers. Many people might think that remote workers do not need to be a part of this benefit; however, this must not be the case.

Any employee benefits are incomplete without including a health care and insurance policy. If your employees earn enough and have a healthy lifestyle, they will stay physically fit and mentally well. Thus they will continue to work for you with full capacity.

All this is possible if you care about their health and wellness and provide them with robust programs to prove that commitment. Therefore, you must provide your virtual workers with basic health care and insurance benefits so they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle while working with you.

Flexible Work Schedule

Our statistics also mention that most remote workers want flexible work schedules from their employers. A flexible work schedule lets them balance their work and personal lives.

They can begin and finish work at other times rather than a traditional 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They have to complete the number of working hours and the work assigned to them for that day. This flexibility gives them peace of mind and makes them work for you longer. It also helps them to boost their productivity levels.

Workout Or Gym

If you want to ensure your employees’ overall health and productivity, they should offer free workout and gym classes. You might collaborate with a fitness aura gym center or reimburse their gym fee. Moreover, you can also offer fitness center passes to your remote employees.

Internet Reimbursement

Just like you reimburse the fee for the gym, you can also include an option for internet fee reimbursement. There might be high monthly prices for the internet, and as a caring organization, you can help your remote employees enjoy this benefit by reimbursing their monthly bills.


Working remotely doesn’t mean that your employees are enjoying sitting at home. Rather, they have more responsibility for keeping up with communication and delivering their best. Providing them with a few benefits will increase their morale and bring productivity. All this will also benefit your organization.

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