Interesting Remote Work Statistics For 2022

January 28, 2022

Interesting Remote Work Statistics For 2022

Undeniably, the past two years have been extremely dramatic not only for the business realm but also every aspect of our lives. The end of 2019 signalled the arrival of a great disaster in the shape of a deadly virus. However, not many paid attention to the alarming signs. The rapid increase in Covid-19 cases and the surging death rates that shook everyone from head to toe.

While people sat locked and depressed in their houses with the fear of being the next victim of the virus, the world faced a fresh wave of hunger and poverty as the lockdown completely shut all doors of income for people. The economic fallout caused numerous businesses to shut down, leading to the loss of jobs and anxiety in public.

However, some businesses saw a glimpse of hope in a pre-existing idea – remote work. They began hiring remote workers and quickly shifted their existing teams onto digital platforms. By the third quarter of 2020, almost every business had jumped into the virtual realm.

To some extent, 2021 has been a bit lenient towards the world. People began accepting the fact that they had to survive with the virus and resorted to looking for a vaccine and finding the best ways to bring life back on track. The year was all about embracing the ‘new normal’.

After acknowledging the advantages of working from home for both remote workers and their companies, businesses worked hard to encourage the trend amongst their employees.

Now that 2022 has started, people are seen biting their nails in uncertainty. Is there more yet to come?

Although we can’t certainly predict whether the disaster is over, we can surely entertain you by revealing some intriguing statistics you should look out for in 2022.

Intriguing Remote Work Statistics For 2022

Indeed, remote workers and their employers enjoy numerous benefits by using virtual workspaces. The latter:

  • Saves time lost when travelling to and from offices
  • Saves money spent on transportation
  • Increases productivity as employees work more comfortably from their houses
  • Saves money spent on office equipment and expensive resources
  • And much more

However, the facts and statistics mentioned below will surprise you. We shall reveal a few things that will leave you gasping in amazement. So get ready, and read on.

1. Companies Are Not Shifting 100% Towards Remote Work

Every task will be done remotely in the future…

Companies will only have remote employees…

Remote work will be the norm…

No, the above is not true. Let us be realistic here. There are tasks that can not be performed from home. For example, a doctor can not treat you white sitting in the comfort of his home. However, a hospital’s accounting staff can work at home.

Hence hybrid work is the actual new norm. As per a global survey of a few selected companies, 76% have declared a shift to hybrid work.

2. Some Companies Are Still Confused

Even after so much has happened, companies are still reluctant to accept the need for remote workspaces. Yes, the percentage of these companies is small (about 2%), but if you imagine this percentage in actual global numbers, you may be dazzled.

3. Despite The Acceptance Of Remote Work, businesses Have Not Made The Physical Changes To their Workspaces

Humankind’s nature is hard to comprehend. Even though everyone acknowledged the fact that remote work is here to stay, 63% of companies have retained their original workspaces. Why is that? Why are they afraid of getting rid of their office space that is no longer needed?

Maybe deep down, they still believe full-time office work will resume sooner or later.

4. People Are Tired Of Screen Interactions

Thus far, we have only spoken of the perks of working from home. However, here is another surprising statistic for you. About 26% of respondents have revealed that they miss face-to-face meetings with their colleagues. Most people often look forward to an upcoming physical meeting to spend some time with their friends.

Evidently, even though mankind loves to save money and stay at home, the urge to hang out with friends and colleagues is equally tempting. Hence, we are likely to witness a split amongst people wishing to resume full-time office duties and those preferring remote work.

5. Virtual Employment Intermediaries Will Become A Necessity

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