How To Attain Diversity When Hiring Remote Workers

March 11, 2022

How To Attain Diversity When Hiring Remote Workers

Despite the fact that remote work was more of an enforced tactic than a well-considered decision for businesses, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. As companies fought to stay afloat in the pandemic and avoid tumbling, work from home gained popularity in every sector. Every company across the globe digitalized almost all of its business functions. Contrarily, those who were reluctant to embrace the change faced an unpleasant demise.

Soon, all major and minor firms began to notice the silver lining in the cloud. Initially, they thought having a remote workforce would increase costs and reduce productivity. However, the opposite happened. As a result, firms rushed to hire remote workers from various online platforms across the globe. In short, regardless of the challenges a company faces during the hiring process, remote work, nevertheless, pays off handsomely.

Similarly, even remote workers enjoy numerous benefits from remote work strategies. Remote employees save a lot of money in terms of commuting, as well as avoid the irritation of rush hour.

However, amongst all these benefits, there is one that has immensely benefited businesses. You often hear people talking about how the world is on the verge of becoming a global village. This fact could never have been more apparent than the way it manifests itself in remote work. As we speak, companies are virtually crossing international borders and going against the norms to hire a diverse workforce.

Hence, this blog will discuss diversity in the context of remote work and also suggest ways in which companies can successfully incorporate it in their hiring strategy.

What Is Workspace Diversity?

Workspace diversity is when a company decides to break all cultural, ethnic, geographic, age, gender, economic status, sexual orientation, physical attributes, and religious belief barriers when hiring its workforce. Although diversity existed in the pre-pandemic era, it was difficult to attain due to the aforementioned deterrents. In this regard, the pandemic acted as a catalyst in enhancing workspace diversity as the need for a physical presence in an office was eradicated.

How Is Diversity Beneficial For A Firm?

Companies Are Viewed As More Inclusive

Remote work does not only enhance diversity but also makes a company more inclusive. The latter paints a reputable image in the eyes of a business’s customers. As awareness increases amongst individuals, they begin to reject the narrow-minded ideas of ethnic supremacy, gender bias, and other such discriminatory thoughts. Accordingly, they prefer to work for or avail services from a company that refrains from such discrimination.

Diverse Minds Generate Better Results

If your workforce comes from similar backgrounds or has identical educational or work history, creativity and innovation are usually minimal. Contrarily, a diverse workforce brings new and visionary ideas to the table.

Enhanced Productivity And Company Performance

About 62% of companies report improvement in overall company performance after focussing on diversity. Additionally, McKinsey revealed that culturally diverse businesses are 33% more likely to outperform their average profitability goals. Likewise, gender diversity increases the chances of growth by 48%.

This growth and the diverse company culture, in turn, boost employee morale and ultimately facilitate productivity.

A Chance To Branch Out Into Global Markets

A diverse workforce from numerous ethnic and geographical backgrounds will also open doors to countless new opportunities. For example, if a Canadian business wants to reach out into a Middle Eastern country, the best way forward would be to understand their potential clientele’s mindset with the help of their Middle Eastern employees. Likewise, the Middle Eastern employees can also act as company ambassadors in the new market.

How Can A Company Attain Diversity?

  1. Set diversity objectives.
  2. Assess your existing team’s diversity.
  3. Showcase your brand’s diversity.
  4. Make your ads more inclusive.
  5. Place ads on platforms boasting diverse Candidature.
  6. Examine your existing team’s thoughts and reception of diversity.
  7. Carry out sessions to broaden your teams’ mindset regarding diversity so that they become more welcoming towards candidates from varying backgrounds.
  8. Draft and enforce company policies regarding diversity.
  9. Incorporate diversity in your human resource department so that recruitment, interview, and induction can be done by a diverse team.
  10. Eradicate chances of bias during recruitment by using blind resumes.
  11. Automate screening and shortlisting tasks to reduce any bias.
  12. Request referrals from existing diverse candidates.
  13. Use the “the two in the pool effect.” recruiting strategy.

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