Problems You Might Face When Hiring Remote Workers And Their Solutions

July 16, 2021

Problems You Might Face When Hiring Remote Workers And Their Solutions

Hiring remote workers can become tricky for business owners at times. Since you are not meeting the individuals personally, it is difficult to determine their credibility and work ethics over an online profile curated to appeal to employers.

Hence, even though hiring remote workers is less expensive, it is still imperative that employers find, shortlist and select suitable candidates for their organizations.

This blog details some of the problems employers may face when hiring remote employees. We have also shortlisted some solutions to these problems at the end of the post to help you find remote employees more efficiently.

Unsatisfactory Resumes

One of the biggest problems faced by employers while hiring remote workers is the case of fake resumes. The in-house HR department must carefully and thoroughly go through the CVs and resumes to identify where the applicant has misquoted qualifications and exaggerated his/her experience.

In addition to this, you might come across unprofessional, incomplete or dated resumers. They might not list the candidate’s current occupation, skills, and updated profile. Such CVs create problems for the HR department and the employer to decide on the final candidates for the job.

Additional Responsibilities

The designated HR department might face work overloads with all the additional responsibilities incurred by determining the credibility of remote employees, checking if the given information is true and communicating to them based on their time zone.

You might even have to train your HR department for certain skills they need to ensure that the remote employees will perform well and will be an asset to your organization.

Since the HR personnel are already dealing with other human resource tasks throughout the organization, sometimes they might face an issue in managing the added load of skimming through a myriad of remote applicant CVs.

Thus, if your organization has the resources to employ a dedicated human resource officer to deal with remote employees, it will help in organizing the tasks and the recruitment seamlessly.

Time Wastage

If candidates send in unsatisfactory, exaggerated or fake resumes, it will result in a waste of time and resources. In most cases, the dishonesty of the candidate is caught during the interview phase. This means the HR department has already gone through the CV, looked at their qualifications and discussed the employee with higher ups. All this accounts for a lot of wasted time, resources and effort.

Shortlisting The Candidates

When different types of professional, non-professional, incomplete, not updated, and fake CVs are received, it becomes difficult for management to shortlist the candidates for the interviews. It is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of effort.


The best way to deal with the aforementioned issues is to find a professional hiring company that deals with hiring remote employees. It will be less costly than hiring dedicated HR personnel and will be more efficient due to the company’s experience in the field.

There are several professional companies that hire the best suitable remote employees for your organization with specific skills and expertise. These experts know where to find, and how to verify and shortlist the candidate your organization needs for a particular job. To get the best candidate, you may hire the services of people who specialize in hiring remote workers for organizations worldwide.

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