Release Version 2.4.1 For Employer


Release Version 2.4.1

We are happy to announce the rollout of Worktually version 2.4.1. In line with our commitment to revolutionizing your recruitment process, this version introduces pivotal features and improvements designed to enhance your experience on our platform.

New Features

Hire Without Initial Deposit

In this release, we’ve made a groundbreaking change to our hiring process. Employers can now hire an employee without the need for an initial deposit. This gives you greater flexibility and ease in recruitment. However, to kickstart work with your new hire, you simply need to add funds to your Worktually wallet.


AI-based Match-Making

The sophistication of our AI-driven match-making system has been enhanced. With these improvements, employers can now benefit from more precise and relevant candidate matches, further ensuring that you find the best fit for your job requirements in a more efficient manner.

Updates & Improvements

We have not just stopped at these significant features; our team has been diligently working behind the scenes to ensure the platform’s overall smoothness and reliability. As part of this, several under-the-hood optimizations and refinements have been made to enrich your user experience.

These updates will greatly augment the recruitment process on Worktually. Our dedication to serving your evolving needs remains steadfast, and we’re excited for you to experience these new changes. Thank you for entrusting Worktually with your recruitment and workforce management needs.

Release Version 2.4 For Employer

Worktually 2.4 Release Updates

Release Version 2.4

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Worktually version 2.4. Our commitment to streamlining your remote employee recruitment and management processes continues, and this update incorporates new features and bug fixes crafted to elevate your experience on our platform.

New Features

View Candidates Without Posting A Job

In our new version, we have introduced a significant feature that allows employers to view potential candidates without the necessity of posting a job. This proactive feature is aimed at providing you with an efficient way to find suitable candidates.

Filter Job Categories By Department

Worktually 2.4 now offers an option for employers to filter job categories by department while searching for candidates. This feature has been implemented to help you focus your candidate search and efficiently find the right talent according to specific department needs.

Bug Fixes

Alongside these new features, we have executed several bug fixes to enhance the stability and performance of our platform. These fixes ensure a more seamless experience when navigating and managing recruitment on Worktually.

We believe that these improvements will significantly enhance your user experience, and we remain committed to delivering high-quality services tailored to your evolving needs.

Thank you for choosing Worktually as your preferred recruitment and workforce management platform.

Patch 2.3.0 Release Announcement For Employer


Release Version 2.3.0

The team at Worktually is determined to continually enhance the existing features and come up with new innovative ones to make the recruitment and employee-monitoring processes more streamlined for our employers. As part of this unwavering effort, Worktually proudly presents several new features, including a performance review system, the ability to view past review records, and the option for hourly rate increments. Apart from the preceding, we have also made numerous enhancements to the interview scheduling and rescheduling features, along with overall bug fixes.

New Features

Feature 1 – Quarterly Employee Performance Reviews

Employers now have the ability to evaluate the performance of their workforce using a comprehensive set of metrics and provide constructive feedback through periodic reviews conducted every three months. This functionality can be accessed via the individual employee profiles within the Employees section. This new feature will facilitate the tracking of employee progress and ensure continuous growth and improvement.

Feature 2 – Review Record Viewing

Employers will also have access to the previously provided employee reviews for scrutiny, reference and record-keeping purposes. This will provide employers with a comprehensive overview of an employee’s progress and enable them to monitor their development over time.

Feature 3 – Hourly Rate Increment

Based on an employee’s review and previous record, an employer can now add an increment to the hourly rate being paid to the employee for a particular job. This feature is designed to enhance employee motivation and improve retention rates.


Enhancement 1 – View Booked Slots When Scheduling Interviews

For easier and more organized interview management, employers now have the ability to view the already booked or requested slots on an employee’s calendar while scheduling or rescheduling interviews.

Bug Fixes

Numerous interview scheduling and rescheduling bug fixes on the employer’s interface.

Patch 2.2.0 Release Announcement For Employer


Release Version 2.2.0

As part of our continued effort to make recruiting and overseeing remote employees seamless for our valued employers, Worktually’s team has introduced some new features. We understand that hiring and coordinating with an employee from a different timezone
can become a hassle. Resultantly, our enhanced features allow an employer to select flexible job timings, hours, and shifts in the settings.

Feature 1 – Work Hours Adjustment Flexibility

The recent improvements in our recruiting procedures will now enable employers to have better control over the job timings of their geographically diverse remote workforce. Employers can now set and update their shift settings for ‘flexible timings’,
which will allow their employees to work for a pre decided number of hours at any time during the day.

Patch 2.1.9 Release Announcement For Employer

Patch 2.1.9 Release Announcement For Employer

Patch 2.1.9 Release Announcement

In order to enhance the hiring processes on our platform and ensure a memorable website experience for our valued employers, Worktually continuously improves its existing offerings and introduces new features. We have introduced a number of automatically generated reports, including Jobs Report, Interviews Report, Offers Report, Employees Report, and Attendance Report to help employers attain a better picture of the impacts of their hiring procedures.

Feature 1 – Automatically Generated Reports

Keeping an eye on the KPIs is essential for every employer so that they can steer their hiring efforts in the right direction. For this reason, Worktually has introduced a number of reports to help you get a clear oversight of every aspect of your hiring process. Now, employers can access the following:

  • Jobs Report
  • Interviews Report
  • Offers Report
  • Employees Report
  • Attendance Report
  • Transactions Report

Bug Fixes

  • The timing conflict that used to arise between Worktually and Google Calendar while scheduling an interview has been fixed.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Patch 2.1.7 Release Announcement For Employer

For Employer

Patch 2.1.7 Release Announcement

In order to enhance the hiring experience for our valued employers on Worktually, we have introduced new features, including the prompt receipt of interview invitations and notifications, a new offers menu, an additional OTP security layer for email changes, and a comment option for candidates rejected during the interview phase. In addition, we have rectified and fixed bugs with regard to adding a decimal rate when editing a job offer, suggested candidate data, self-approval of rescheduling requests, and refund cancellation requests.

Automatic Meeting Invitations & Alerts

Now every employer will get an automatic interview invitation they can accept or reject as per their preferences. Once logged in to Gmail, the employer will now receive interview reminders and notifications.

A New Offer Menu

Employers do not have to rummage through the jobs they posted to keep track of the offers they have made to various candidates. We have added a new offers tab to our menu to make things more streamlined and organized. Enjoy a clear view of your offers and counter offers and an elevated hiring process.

Add Comments For Rejected Candidates

Employers can now add comments for all rejected candidates after they conduct interviews with them. This will allow for better candidate screening and filtering to further improve the hiring process.

OTP Security Layer For Email Changes

In order to avoid the use of fake email addresses and discourage email-related scams, every email change will require an employer to verify their new email address using a One-Time-Password.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, employers could not add a decimal hourly rate when editing a job offer. This issue has been resolved, and employers can now add a decimal hourly rate to their offers.
  • We have revamped the ‘suggested candidates’ tab to show accurate, reasonably detailed, and discernible data regarding every prospective candidate.
  • The raised issue regarding transaction reversals with regard to refund cancellations by the employer has also been resolved.
  • Hitherto, employers requesting the rescheduling of an event were able to accept or reject the request. However, now only the recipient of the request has this privilege.

Patch 2.1 Release Announcement – Employers

Patch 2.1 Release Announcement Employers

Monitoring Application

The most exciting feature has finally arrived! Say hello to the Worktually Monitoring App! Check the progress of your remote employees by navigating to the employee’s section of your account, selecting the desired employee, and clicking the “Screenshots” tab.

Interviews Section

Shortlist candidates and jump into interviews right away by visiting the Interviews section from within your Worktually account!

Refund Requests

Whether you requested a refund by accident or require funds for a new remote employee, or maybe you just want to keep your Worktually wallet topped up, the cancel refund request feature will keep your funds in place.