Release Version 2.4.1 For Employer

September 7, 2023


Release Version 2.4.1

We are happy to announce the rollout of Worktually version 2.4.1. In line with our commitment to revolutionizing your recruitment process, this version introduces pivotal features and improvements designed to enhance your experience on our platform.

New Features

Hire Without Initial Deposit

In this release, we’ve made a groundbreaking change to our hiring process. Employers can now hire an employee without the need for an initial deposit. This gives you greater flexibility and ease in recruitment. However, to kickstart work with your new hire, you simply need to add funds to your Worktually wallet.


AI-based Match-Making

The sophistication of our AI-driven match-making system has been enhanced. With these improvements, employers can now benefit from more precise and relevant candidate matches, further ensuring that you find the best fit for your job requirements in a more efficient manner.

Updates & Improvements

We have not just stopped at these significant features; our team has been diligently working behind the scenes to ensure the platform’s overall smoothness and reliability. As part of this, several under-the-hood optimizations and refinements have been made to enrich your user experience.

These updates will greatly augment the recruitment process on Worktually. Our dedication to serving your evolving needs remains steadfast, and we’re excited for you to experience these new changes. Thank you for entrusting Worktually with your recruitment and workforce management needs.

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