Patch 2.3.0 Release Announcement For Employer

February 10, 2023


Release Version 2.3.0

The team at Worktually is determined to continually enhance the existing features and come up with new innovative ones to make the recruitment and employee-monitoring processes more streamlined for our employers. As part of this unwavering effort, Worktually proudly presents several new features, including a performance review system, the ability to view past review records, and the option for hourly rate increments. Apart from the preceding, we have also made numerous enhancements to the interview scheduling and rescheduling features, along with overall bug fixes.

New Features

Feature 1 – Quarterly Employee Performance Reviews

Employers now have the ability to evaluate the performance of their workforce using a comprehensive set of metrics and provide constructive feedback through periodic reviews conducted every three months. This functionality can be accessed via the individual employee profiles within the Employees section. This new feature will facilitate the tracking of employee progress and ensure continuous growth and improvement.

Feature 2 – Review Record Viewing

Employers will also have access to the previously provided employee reviews for scrutiny, reference and record-keeping purposes. This will provide employers with a comprehensive overview of an employee’s progress and enable them to monitor their development over time.

Feature 3 – Hourly Rate Increment

Based on an employee’s review and previous record, an employer can now add an increment to the hourly rate being paid to the employee for a particular job. This feature is designed to enhance employee motivation and improve retention rates.


Enhancement 1 – View Booked Slots When Scheduling Interviews

For easier and more organized interview management, employers now have the ability to view the already booked or requested slots on an employee’s calendar while scheduling or rescheduling interviews.

Bug Fixes

Numerous interview scheduling and rescheduling bug fixes on the employer’s interface.

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