4 Ways You Can Teach Your Remote Teams To Have More Responsibility

November 11, 2021

4 Ways You Can Teach Your Remote Teams To Have More Responsibility

Most remote workers are very responsible, but sometimes remote work attracts people who are looking for more relaxed professional environments for the wrong reasons posing unique challenges. Majority of people now like working from home but that does not mean that every employee is well-suited for a remote job. So, it is the job of the recruiter or hiring managers to carefully hire candidates with prior experience and knowledge. The applicants who are proactive and have had remote work experience may be more desirable for remote work since they are used to the way of working and are more likely to be self-sufficient in their tasks.

Make sure that while hiring remote employees you ask them questions such as what devices they own and intend to use. This information will help you to adapt their setup to your company’s needs and will help you to ensure that they have the necessary devices and software. In order to make remote work efficient, managers should teach their team some key responsibilities. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the ways you can teach your remote teams to be more responsible.

Instill A Sense Of Belonging

The best way to encourage your employees to always give their best is by instilling a sense of belonging in them. This is more important for remote teams as they work in isolation and it can become very difficult for you to make everyone feel that they are a part of a cohesive unit. As the manager of a remote team, you can point out who is good and make ways for a team to work together. But the most important thing is appreciation, you should always remember to appreciate your team members when they do a good job. When employees sense that they are doing a good job they start taking more responsibility and pride in their work.

Teach Technological Responsibility

The technology remote workers use is critical to the quality of the work they do and their ability to communicate with the rest of the team timely. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your remote workers are being held responsible for the technology they use for their work. Since those who work remotely depend on cloud-based file sharing and collaboration, it is important that they know how to use it properly. If not done right this can become a significant issue.

Remote workers are not on-site therefore they need to be able to resolve all their troubleshooting and technical issues with their devices by themselves. Hence, remote workers should be given proper training and manuals to help them learn to resolve these issues. Some effective policies to resolve this issue is that you can set security standards, educate employees on safe browsing and instruct them to have separate devices for work.

Time Management

One of the biggest challenges for remote workers is time management. Though working from home has many advantages for both the employee and employers, it still has some significant downsides. The biggest hurdle in working remotely is the potential distractions and the difficulty to manage time. You should encourage your remote teams to set up dedicated home offices. You should share resources with your remote employees that can help them learn how they can set up office hours at home and establish boundaries between work and home life. These resources will help them to manage their time efficiently and increase their quality of work.

Lead The Way

You don’t manage your employees, lead them. Managing your employees will not foster the same level of responsibility that leading them will. This is key for being a good manager to traditional teams as well as the leader of a remote team. Just telling your employees what to do is managing but living your values and influencing your team is leading. You will be able to teach your remote team to have more responsibility for their work by shifting the ownership onto them. When you lead a team instead of managing, you will be able to create a proactive team that will tell you when they need help, will come up with their own ideas, and will become a valuable asset to your organization.

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