Top Challenges Faced By Remote Teams And Their Solutions

May 14, 2020

Top Challenges Faced By Remote Teams And Their Solutions

Studies have shown that remote workers are more productive and benefit from an increasingly positive work-life balance. They require fewer days off, stay healthy, motivated most of the time, remain in their jobs for a longer time, and prioritize increased flexibility and freedom over additional monetary benefits.

Remote work seems like a wonder for modern businesses, especially IT companies, but with many advantages, it also presents certain challenges as well. Like in the case of traditional offices, there are several drawbacks to remote work and some challenges to overcome.

Both employers and employees suffer equally from the difficulties resulting from remote work. Now, we will explore some of the top challenges your remote team can face and how you can easily overcome them.

Issue: Managing Projects

One of the biggest challenges faced with remote work is overseeing projects when your team members are spread out across different locations. Whether it’s a mix of remote staff and in-house workers or the entire team is working from home, it’s the responsibility of managers to make sure deadlines are met and all objectives are achieved.

When you don’t have a physical presence, one key challenge that could be faced by your remote team members is communicating with each other. Managers face even more significant difficulties in keeping track of their subordinates, especially in the case of complex projects having large teams.


The good thing is there are a variety of tools and apps available online to tackle any challenge remote team managers might come across daily. What you can do to overcome this issue is to use a useful project management software such as Team Work to assign different tasks and keep track of your team’s progress regularly.

Issue: Remote Collaboration

Many remote workers find it hard to collaborate with their remote team members while working from home. How can a group of digital marketers work on a similar project while they are operating from different locations, even different countries in some cases?

When team members are operating in the same office, they have access to different items, tools, documentation, and can interact with each other without having any limitations. On the other hand, working from home comes with more considerable limitations, and it becomes tough to utilize even the same document for two team members.

The upside is, similar to project management software; many collaboration applications are designed for different teams to carry out all types of tasks. Such tools will help you break down all those barriers faced by your remote team.


The primary thing you need to increase your remote collaboration is to use a useful communication tool. Slack and Google Hangouts are two of the many useful applications available online that will help your team stay connected all the time. Some of the great features of such collaborative tools include instant messaging, notifications, availability statuses, group chats, and file sharing.

Google Drive is a cloud-based collaboration application that helps to store all the work at one place that can easily be accessed and shared from anywhere, anytime.

Issue: Tasks And Productivity Tracking

To achieve company goals, you have to make sure that all of your remote staff complete their tasks on time and with utmost honesty daily. In that respect, keeping track of all your distant workers frequently can become a daunting task to achieve. That’s because it’s not easy to keep an eye on smaller jobs while tracking project-wide progress simultaneously.


Team Doctor is a remote worker’s productivity-boosting app that keeps your distant employees focused and time-efficient all the time. Using this application, managers can see what their full-time remote employees are up to by taking a look at screenshots of the user’s screen according to their time settings.

It means that if the managers wish to take screenshots of their team member every three minutes, they can set the screencast frequency to 3 minutes in the Team Doctor application. This productivity software tracks the working time of remote workers accurately; they also have the liberty to pause the app while they’re on a break.

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