Top 4 Tips For Staying Healthy & Active During Remote Work

June 10, 2021

Top 4 Tips For Staying Healthy & Active During Remote Work

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in some significant change in our daily lives – especially in our work lives. Due to lockdown restrictions, businesses in all industries were forced to respond and adapt. This resulted in companies moving towards remote work to comply with social distancing and health safety rules. Although this switch was a perfect way to save money by avoiding transportation costs, it still posed certain disadvantages.

It can be quite challenging to take care of your health when you are working from home. Working in the office means you have designated meal timings and break timings. However, remote work doesn’t require you to adhere to such a sharp routine. Thus, you might end up missing out on meals, or forget to maintain proper posture as you don’t have to sit in a chair all day. You might also fail to get any exercise done and suffer from sleep deprivation.

Moreover, there is a higher chance of getting distracted, such as checking your social media frequently or starting a conversation with a family member. Yet, remote work is still preferred by most people because of its ease and cost-effectiveness. It is also more beneficial for companies that were previously operating in-office.

But, how can you effectively manage your health and work simultaneously? Continue reading this post to find out some of the ways you can balance your health and work.

Move Around Frequently

If you sit in the same spot for a long time without moving around, it puts a lot of strain on your muscles and back. When you are sitting comfortably on your bed or in a chair, you might be reluctant to get up after short intervals. However, this can severely affect your posture and give you body aches. Therefore, it is essential that you set a timer as a reminder to get up and stretch your body.

Doing so will improve your blood circulation and effectively release tension from your body. This way, you can do some random house chores like folding the laundry, making a meal, and more.

Keep Consistent Meal Timings

You need to consume proper and nutritious food at a proper time to ensure that your body and brain function well. You must ensure that you follow consistent meal timings. Also, make sure to eat a good and healthy breakfast before starting your workday. Eating small bits at irregular intervals such as a handful of chips and then working and forgetting to eat for the next 3-5 hours is unfulfilling and unhealthy.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

People often forget to drink water when they are focusing on a task. This can lead to feeling lazy and tired due to dehydration. So, you must remember to drink lots of water frequently when you are working from home to avoid getting dehydrated. Similar to keeping a bottle of water on your office desk, you must keep a water bottle or pitcher with you at home. Also, avoid drinking alcohol or sugary beverages as they are unhealthy and affect your focus.

Use A Comfortable Chair

Choose a comfortable chair to sit on when working remotely. A good chair must have the right structure to help you maintain the correct body posture. It must provide back support and keep your spine straight so that your neck is aligned with it. Working while laying down on your bed all day can lead to severe neck and back pain and strain your eyes.

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