Tips For Hiring Remote Customer Support Representatives

May 11, 2021

Tips For Hiring Remote Customer Support Representatives

As an employer, who manages a business from a small city, it is highly likely that finding decent hires has become an increasingly hard job for you. The most common issue you might face during the hiring process includes a limited number of candidates that fit the job requirement.

Recently more and more employees have been looking to enter the remote workforce in search of more flexible work hours, spending more time with family, and the ability to travel. Thus, giving you a wider talent pool to hire from.

One of the highly sought-after roles is that of a customer support service. Customer service is important for any business as it directly affects your bottom line and how the public will perceive your brand. Previously, hiring a customer service representative was all about budget and potential savings. This resulted in some of the best candidates being ignored in favor of individuals with less motivation and qualifications just because they were willing to work for a lower salary.

It’s important to hire the best possible candidates to ensure that your customers receive an optimal experience. We have written a few tips in this post to help make your remote customer representatives’ hiring process easier.

Write An Appealing Job Description

Your job posting for customer support is the perfect opportunity to attract the right candidates, so you need to make it compelling. An accurate job description would help applicants understand how the role relates to your company and its success.

Include these five things when writing a good job description for the post:

  • A detailed description of roles and responsibilities
  • The requirements such as qualifications and experience
  • Your company’s culture
  • Employee benefits you offer
  • Write ‘Remote ’ in the job title to make the employment type clear

A good skeleton structure has the following characteristics: Title in bold, description broken into small paragraphs, and the use of bullet points or numbering.

Find A Resume That Stands Out

A good resume will not have any typographical errors or spelling mistakes. You don’t want to entrust someone who cannot proofread their own resume to handle the task of representing your brand in front of customers. What might seem trivial can potentially damage your company’s reputation and projects an irresponsible attitude.

The applicant’s resume should reflect their competence and interest in your industry. For example, if you’re an online marketing company, the applicant should have basic knowledge of social platform handling, at the very least, if not an understanding of SEO practices and trends.

A strong resume lists all essentials such as experience, education, specific skills, language fluency, certifications, and relevant interests. Do not judge everything about a resume under strict rules – originality and creativity matter.

Conduct A Remote Interview

Remote interviews provide your organization with an opportunity to reduce the timeline of your hiring process efficiently: it serves a better candidate experience and gives you an edge in getting faster access to top applicants. You need to ask the right questions to get answers about actual scenarios that will give you a better idea of how these candidates deal with real-world situations.

Since you’re hiring customer support representatives working from a remote location, your questions need to focus on their customer support skills and their remote work skills. You should incorporate some role-play scenarios to vet the best candidates from the rest of the pool – here’s why:

  • To check if they have the customer service skills you are looking for
  • To see how a candidate will handle any uncomfortable situations
  • It’ll show you what your customers will experience

Main Points To Discuss With Potential Candidates

  • Previous remote working experience
  • Self-discipline and work ethic
  • Task management and organization skills
  • Communication and collaboration behavior

Making The Right Final Choice

When it’s time for you to make the final choice, you must review the following things for every step of the process to ensure the right decision is made:

  • Are they passionate about working there?
  • Do they have a variety of interests and hobbies?
  • How do they feel about constructive criticism?
  • Do they believe in knowledge sharing?
  • Will they onboard quickly?
  • Are they a good fit for your company’s culture?
  • Will they be able to adapt and get along with the rest of the team?

However, the most important consideration here is whether you are enthusiastic about the prospect of this individual representing your business, its value, and mission to every customer they provide support to. If the answer is ‘yes’, you know this is a perfect choice, so go ahead and deliver the good news.


Your customer support service team is the face of your brand. They are the people who will have the most contact with your customers, so you need to ensure that they have the potential to survive in the industry. A good support representative will grow and be able to adapt to new challenges.

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