How To Secure A Reliable And Legitimate Remote Job

January 6, 2022

How To Secure A Reliable And Legitimate Remote Job

2020 has proven the efficiency and effectiveness of working remotely not just for companies but also for remote workers.

Many people now don’t want to go back to the office and want to work remotely. According to Flexjobs, 65% of employees that were surveyed said that they want to remain working remotely even after the pandemic ends.

This shows that the majority of remote workers don’t want to go back to their normal office routine and want to enjoy the comforts of remote working.

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In addition to this most unemployed people worldwide are now also hoping for work from home opportunities.

It may seem easy but thriving in the digital world is not as easy as it seems, and securing and landing a remote job can become really difficult for many people.

With the constant risks of fraud, scams, and cyber hacking it is important that you take the necessary precautions when applying for remote jobs.

To help you, in this blog post we will outline the best steps that you should take in order to secure a legitimate and reliable remote job.

Remember The Signs Of A Fraudulent Online Job Post

With time online frauds and scammers have also adapted to new techniques to lure innocent people into their fake online job opportunities.

But there are still some recurring signs that can help you identify a fraudulent job post. Here are some signs that a job post might be a scam.

  • If they are asking for your personal financial information such as your online bank accounts or credit card number.
  • If the post is highlighting a get-rich-quick scheme or opportunity for drastic earnings overnight.
  • The post highlights a too good to be true pay scale for easy and small tasks.
  • There is a fee required before, during, or after employment.
  • The job is commission-based without any base salary.
  • The job post has grammatical errors and looks unprofessional.
  • Offers cheques for payouts or has unverified payment methods.

The aforementioned signs are just some warning signs that you should always be wary of when applying for a remote job.

But if the job post has none of the above warning signs but your gut is telling you to stop, then just trust your instinct and don’t connect with the hiring manager or the employer.

Do Research About The Company You Are Applying For

Sometimes you may receive emails saying that you are the perfect fit for their job and ask you to send an application.

While you might be tempted to grab the job opportunity right away, you should make sure to do in-depth research about the company first.

Before you respond or apply to a job post, first make sure that you are applying for a legitimate job from a reliable company.

Visit their website and address and see if they are officially registered as a business or not.

Another way to find out if they are legitimate is by going through their social media pages to see if they are actually looking for future employees.

Also if possible directly apply to them through the company’s website this way the chances of fraud will be minimized.

Ask About An Employment Contract

It is essential that upon employment you get an employment contract with all the terms and conditions of salary rate, job responsibilities, and employment duration.

Make sure that you closely review everything written on the job contract and discuss with your employer if you do not understand or disagree with the things that are included in your contract.

Sign the contract after going through it and agreeing with the terms and conditions. The contract should only be signed when both parties are satisfied and happy with it.

If you spot any signs or red flags that look fraudulent in the job contract such as misspelled words, and wrong dates then it is best that you find another job.

The best way to get authentic and secure online jobs is by signing up yourself on authentic online job marketplaces such as Wortually etc.

The authentic marketplace has legitimate job postings and has registered employers therefore you won’t have to worry about getting scammed.

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