Hiring Remote Developers vs. Freelancers: Which One Should Your Business Go For?

September 15, 2022

Hiring Remote Developers vs. Freelancers: Which One Should Your Business Go For?

With the improvement in technology and increasing outreach of businesses, remote work, which was once a way of relaxation for some, has become a reality for millions of people around the globe.

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Recruiting top talent and making a diverse workforce has become the need of the hour for all businesses.

The software development industry has thrived in the digitally transforming world to an extent that everyone needs a developer at some stage. This is where the hiring team gets into a dilemma. They are often confused about whether to hire a remote full-time employee or go for a freelance developer.

Fortunately or unfortunately, you can’t generalize one as a go-to option for businesses. There are pros and cons of hiring both in various situations. This blog post aims to explain both to a level that will help you better weigh your options and make the right decision to get hands-on experience and the best web developer under your circumstances.

What Is A Freelancer?

Freelancers are independent and self-employed individuals that provide services to employers on their own terms and conditions. They usually work for different clients at the same time and charge hourly rates, project fees, or contract terms. The most common freelance workers are graphic designers, content writers, social media managers, and web developers. However, as freelancers, the individuals don’t enjoy the benefits that permanent employees get from the company.

  • Place Of Work: Remote
  • Employment Status: Self-employed
  • Employment Benefits: Not eligible
  • Tax Responsibilities: Pay Self-employment tax

Pros And Cons Of Hiring Freelancers


It reduces your overhead costs: As freelancers are not on a permanent payroll, they save your costs in terms of office space, staff maintenance, and other similar areas.

Mitigate the risks involved: most freelancers work on a project basis. The hiring person can cancel the project at any time if the quality is not met. However, in this case, the company is at low risk because they are exempted from state employment laws.

Access To Top-class Talent: You can easily get talented developers with years of experience in the industry by opting for hiring freelancers.


Challenges while establishing company culture: creating a well-defined and established company culture is difficult when you hire freelancers.

Unresponsiveness of freelancers: working hours of freelancers vary and may not match your working hours. You will have to wait for several hours for their response, this unresponsiveness can create various problems.

What Is A Remote Developer?

Remote jobs are employees that work on a payroll but can work from anywhere in the world. Employers that offer remote work enable their companies to have enriched cultures and employee diversity. When opting for remote developers you can get your hand on some talented individuals that otherwise would have not been an option due to geographical constraints. Remote employees are full-time employees that enjoy all employee benefits offered by the company.

  • Place of work: Remote
  • Employment status: work for a company
  • Employment benefits: eligible for company benefits
  • Tax responsibilities: company withholding taxes

Pros And Cons Of Remote Employees


Adds Scalability To Your Company: the basic benefit of hiring remote workers is that it provides scalability to the company. The company enjoys the benefits of decreased overheads and no minimal risks.

Upgrades Service Span: it is difficult for an in-house team to work 24/7. However, it is easy for the company to achieve this with remote developers.

Upgrades flexibility: it will upgrade the flexibility of your business. It will make 24-hour service a more feasible option to practice.


Inconsistent Time Differences: hiring remote developers from all over the world makes an inconsistency in your team’s working hours. Not having a whole team at once can create problems in dealing with urgent problems.

Team Communication Problems: the major disadvantage of working remotely is the lack of communication between team members. Moreover, knowledge sharing also becomes a serious challenge.

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