Misconceptions about hiring remote workers

July 29, 2020

Misconceptions about hiring remote workers

Hiring remote workers isn’t only a smarter way of recruiting quality human resources, but also has become an inevitable option during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are still some misconceptions that employers have regarding remote workers and virtual employees. There is a need to realize the potential benefits of hiring remote workers and employees.

Remote workers can’t be productive

Most people believe that remote workers will not be productive. This is one of the biggest misconceptions that stops employers from hiring remote workers. The fact that they’re working from their homes or any other remote location away from the office, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll not work productively.

It’s just the matter of hiring the right employee with the right attitude and professionalism in his character. The location doesn’t matter as far as productivity is concerned. An employee who has the dedication, loyalty, and honesty within himself, will not work unproductively because he is working remotely.

Not all remote workers lack skills

Another notion that employers have about remote workers is that they don’t have the skillset to make them suitable candidates. This again is not true as the skills don’t only have to be polished in the physical offices. There are limitless skills that candidates can learn and practice while working online. If you find the candidate with the relevant experience, you can trust his skills after making him appear in a test that you can conduct online. The tables are turning now; employers can find more talented and productive employees as remote workers as compared to in-house employees.

It’s not easy to find remote workers

Even before the COVID-19 situation, it was not that hard to find skilled remote workers. The world has seen the digital transformation, making it very easy to use the platforms and tools to find, assess, and shortlist remote workers for particular jobs. Especially now, when the entire world is working from home, it has become easy and also the only option for employers.

Workers themselves are now looking for jobs where they don’t have to commute to an office due to the Coronavirus outbreak. It’s not only easy to find remote workers but also managing and monitoring them has become very easy, through the use of HR and other project management software. The software makes it easy to assign, monitor, and evaluate the work of any remote worker you hire.

The communication problem is a headache

Employers believe that it’ll be tough to keep excellent communication with remote workers. This again is not true. There are so many platforms through which the employer can continuously be in communication with remote employees. If you are only worried about how you will communicate with them, hire some remote workers, and make use of the technology to remain in constant touch with them during working hours.

It’s only for data entry and IT industry

“Remote workers are only available for IT-related jobs, for others, we only have to hire in-house employees”. This is yet another misconception about remote workers. You can get accountants, graphic designers, content writers, digital marketers, and so many other employees that can work from home. There is no limitation to which types of employees are available for remote working.

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