How to Manage Remote Work During The Coronavirus Pandemic

March 26, 2020

How to Manage Remote Work During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Only a month ago, everything was normal, and businesses were running routinely. Remote work was restricted to a limited part of the workforce. However, recently, organizations all around the globe have been forced to restructure their workplaces, with an enhanced focus on the remote workspace. All because of the sudden outbreak of coronavirus or COVID-19 at the end of last year.

The virus has turned the hustle and bustle of daily life into ghost-towns. Businesses are no exception to this; Google, Facebook, and Twitter were first to respond to the changing times when they started implementing remote work in the early days of March 2020.

Adjusting to a brand new world of work-from-home isn’t easy; as an employer, you’ll have to come up with some resolute plans to make it work for everyone involved in the process. Whether you have already shifted to remote work or you are about to do so in the coming days, here are some of the guidelines that will help you effectively manage your remote workforce during the current coronavirus pandemic:

Provide Right Equipment To Staff For Effective Communication

To make remote work experience successful, make sure you provide similar equipment to your distant employees that are available to them in your regular office. First of all, both managers and workers will have to ensure that they have a dedicated work area such as a personal desk at their homes.

Provide your remote workforce with a good quality laptop, charger, mouse, and headset so that they have all the essential equipment to complete their daily tasks. Apart from that, utilize team management platforms, chat apps, and video conferencing tools to stay in touch and keep your remote workers productive throughout their shifts.

Install Required Applications And Give Necessary Access

Work from home requires a lot more than just a laptop; your employees will need other necessary computer accessories as well, such as high-quality headsets so that they and their team leads can stay in touch all the time during working hours. Ask your IT team to install requisite applications and tools on each laptop that will be required for remote work.

Give each employee essential insight on how to access your company’s virtual private network (VPN) in case one exists. Also, make sure your virtual assistants have the right laptops, access to key networks, passwords, and adequate instructions for remote login.

Avoid Micromanaging Your Remote Workers

Embracing the remote work culture means you need to let go of the micromanagement tendencies. During work-from-home arrangements, you don’t need to track your employees all the time – being a manager; you need to build enough confidence and trust in your remote workers and let them do their work with freedom. As long as your remote workers are completing their daily milestones, it would help if you weren’t much concerned about micromanaging them.

Ensure Information Security Across The Board

Both federal as well as state regulations obligate employers to provide their staff members with a safe working environment, whether they’re working on-site or from home. The remote workspace is considered as an extension of the routine workforce when it comes to secure security requirements.

Maintaining security not only provides a safe working network to your remote workers but also prevents critical information breaches while they’re operating at home. Make sure your workers “log in” and “log out” at specified timings. Also, direct them not to leave the computer screen On when they are away from their desk during break times.

Last but not least, developing and implementing an effective remote work plan must also include discussing training, learning, and development opportunities with your remote employees. The initial training you need to conduct is regarding increased compliance – training both managers as well as staff on work ethics and cybersecurity.

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