How To Manage An Effective Remote Content Writers Team

May 8, 2020

How To Manage An Effective Remote Content Writers Team

In our earlier blog post, we discussed some of the practical ways in which you can build a capable team of remote content writers. We explained how important engaging and relevant content is for the success of your company’s digital marketing strategy, and how vital it is to find and hire the best content writers to create a thriving content-driven culture at your firm.

When you have finally assembled a capable remote content writers team, soon, you will realize that overseeing a virtual team is a lot different and more complex than managing traditional employees. For instance, you won’t always be able to respond to your staff members’ questions instantaneously, and it can usually take a considerable amount of time to provide and receive feedback.

Keeping track of the progress of your distant workers is one of the most challenging tasks of managing a remote team. Defining the appropriate guidelines will help keep your content strategy on the right track. Implement the following hands-on approaches in order to manage your remote content writers team effectively.

Implement A Centralized Communication System

It should be your priority to focus on frequent and effective communication with your distant writers. Remote employees are not able to stop by your office every time they need your guidance. That’s why you will have to come up with a centralized communication system each and every one of your team members will use.

Utilizing team chat applications like Google Hangouts and Slack will help you minimize the use of emails for correspondence. This will assist your remote workers to communicate and exchange information quickly. Apart from that, it’ll also help you in expressing your expectations, provide instructions, establish goals and deadlines, and give feedback to your team members.

You can use project management apps such as Team Work that provide excellent remote work solutions. Using such an application will help you organize and track all your daily tasks. Other collaborative tools like Google Docs will enable you to execute projects in real-time. You can also verify the status of work being performed by each team member on the spot.

Define Your Unique Writing Style

Each member of your remote writers must produce content that is consistent in voice, tone, and style. Establish clear guidelines and expectations while connecting with your distant writers to prevent any future misunderstandings and carry out a smooth operation.

Some of the reasons why you need a useful content style guide includes putting your audiences first, giving your target audience a consistent content experience to earn their trust and loyalty, encouraging good practice, and creating better content. Thus, creating a unique writing style will make your remote content writers produce content that’s professional, structured, and organized.

Keep Improving The Process

With time, keep asking your distant content writers for their feedback, so that you will be able to enhance the quality of your processes and achieve better results. The key is not to get discouraged by failures and setbacks, because making the right system for overseeing remote employees takes a significant amount of time and effort. When you focus your efforts on making consistent improvements, sooner or later, you’ll succeed in managing a remote team that works together for the success of your content strategy.

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