How To Grab A Recruiters’ Attention On Social Media

March 19, 2021

How To Grab A Recruiters’ Attention On Social Media

The times are changing, and people are shifting towards remote work. Many recruiters are considering social media platforms to hire candidates globally. They are using different techniques to find and recruit the best potential candidates.

From smaller in-house companies to bigger firms and multinational companies, HR professionals are hiring people online. From the time of COVID-19, remote work has become more popular than ever. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have become the most common platforms to search for relevant candidates.

Using social media tactically is crucial to land the job that you want. Most recruiters use special hashtags and other social media components to match with their relevant candidates. But job seekers are often at a loss if they don’t know how to grab their recruiters’ attention and consider them for the vacant role.

Remote work platforms such as Worktually are quite helpful in this case. They not only let recruiters hire the most suitable candidates. But it also helps job seekers find a suitable job by reading the job description. Therefore, it eases up the workload of hiring people for a growing business.

If you are struggling to grab your recruiters’ attention on social media, below are some tips that can help you become a potential candidate in the eyes of your recruiter.

Start With LinkedIn

If you want to search for a job on social media, LinkedIn is the best place to start from. Each day, hundreds of companies post open vacancies for different posts. Start by building your professional profile on LinkedIn and adding relevant people in your field.

Start with adding your education and any professional experience you may have. Having extra certifications for the relevant field is a bonus to show on your profile. Ask people for endorsement so that recruiters will be more likely to trust your skills.

Upload A Professional Profile Photo

Whatever the platform you are using, your profile photo is the first thing your recruiter will notice. Not uploading a picture doesn’t give a good impression. Avoid uploading casual photos. Try to choose a professional photo that will grab a recruiters’ attention and show them you can have a professional appearance. This point is crucial for both in-house and remote jobs.

LinkedIn’s “Open To Work” Feature

One interesting feature on LinkedIn is its new banner that appears on a profile photo that says “open to work”. This feature can help recruiters find those who are looking for work. It can also keep job seekers from messaging those who already have been found by other recruiters.

Apply Keyword Matching

Adding relevant keywords suitable to your work is crucial to get the relevant job. You can include these keywords in your title, education, experience, endorsements, and more. For example, if you are a web developer, highlight that in your description and post the relevant words for it.

Remain Active

Remaining online and active on social media will help you get your job sooner. It is quite disappointing for recruiters when they want to hire someone, but the person is not available. Or that the recruiter gets late replies.

Be available and remain online if you want to become connected with a recruiter. Enable notifications and reply to them as soon as possible.

Use Facebook

Facebook can also be a professional partner. Before you use Facebook to help you find a job, ensure that you untag yourself from any questionable posts. Set your privacy settings but keep your information such as education, professional workplace, and other employment information public, so that recruiters can see what you are doing and if you are a capable candidate or not.

Get connected to industry-specific groups and engage with its community. Share your thoughts and expert opinions on such groups. Overall, have a clean profile.

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