How To Host Engaging Virtual Meetings With Remote Teams

February 24, 2022

How To Host Engaging Virtual Meetings With Remote Teams

After the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone has become accustomed to working from home and attending meetings virtually. Gone are the days when meetings were held in large conference rooms and required face-to-face interaction of employees.

Employers now host virtual meetings with their remote workers in order to discuss work-related issues and to build a bond between team members. For this, companies use online tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom to stay connected with their remote workers.

Virtual communication has become an integral part of the modern workplace and business world.

There is no denying that it has become the new normal. In 2021 alone Microsoft teams hosted 145 million users daily, this number shows how many people all around the world are meeting virtually.

While there are many benefits of hiring remote workers for employers there are also some challenges they face due to remote working. One of those challenges is hosting engaging virtual meetings with their remote teams.

Meetings play an important role in keeping virtual teams connected, but it is also one of the most difficult challenges that employers face.

As an a employer, it is your job to keep your virtual teams connected and to keep all of them on the same page, and this can only be done if you host engaging virtual meetings.

So in this blog post, we will talk about how you can host engaging meetings with your remote teams.

Be Prepared In Advance

The first and most important thing is preparation, if you want to host a fruitful virtual meeting then you will need to prepare the agenda of your virtual meeting beforehand.

Preparation is the first step towards a successful virtual meeting, so you will need to jot down your agenda of the meeting beforehand. This will give you an outline of all the topics that you need to discuss in the meeting.

A meeting without an agenda or a roadmap will not be a fruitful meeting, because when you don’t know what to talk about the employees will lose interest in the meeting and will consider it a waste of time.

When you have a plan beforehand it gives you a clear view of where you are going and gives directions that employees can follow.

Start Your Meeting With Some Small Talk

It is very difficult to get to know people on a personal level virtually as compared to meeting and connecting with them in person.

As an employer or team leader, it is your job to make sure that everyone feels comfortable in the virtual space.

It is your job to address every issue and make yourself available for your employees 24/7.

So whenever you hold a virtual meeting, open the session with a lighthearted talk and make everyone comfortable.

Address common issues and encourage your employees to bring forth any issues they are facing.

This way every employee will feel comfortable and will be able to voice his/her opinions during the virtual meeting.

Make Sure To Involve All The Participants

Another important step that you should take during a virtual meeting is to assign a certain task to each employee.

This way everyone will be able to participate in the virtual meeting and each participant will get equal time to speak and voice their opinions. This way you can make sure that no one will lose focus during the virtual meeting. Everyone will interact with one another and will make the virtual meeting an interactive session.

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