Essential Qualities And Skills Of Effective Virtual Assistants

June 5, 2020

Essential Qualities And Skills Of Effective Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant VA is a highly significant asset for modern-day businesses, especially for small-scale organizations with limited access to funds and resources. Small business managers and entrepreneurs who need to focus on primary tasks and manage their time effectively can significantly benefit from virtual employees.

The VAs play a vital role in saving valuable time for entrepreneurs by managing all the non-core functions and non-essential tasks on a regular basis. Being a capable VA doesn’t mean only helping support someone’s business but also to manage and communicate with them effectively.

Now, let’s explore some of the essential qualities and skills of competent virtual assistants that help them complete their daily tasks efficiently:

Effective Communication

Communicating effectively with others is probably the most valuable soft skill to master to become a reliable VA. Successive virtual assistants have excellent written and interpersonal expertise that allows them to meet their customers’ expectations and deadlines. Besides excellent speaking skills, they’re also good listeners which helps in fully understanding their employers requirements.

Excellent Time-Management

Time management is a must-have ability to have for those who want to succeed in this line of work. Highly responsible VAs are always good at managing time because they are mostly dealing with clients and projects and are required to complete various time-specific tasks and assignments for their clients regularly.

Highly Passionate

Exceptional virtual assistants are easily accessible as well as highly passionate about their work. It doesn’t matter how big or small a task is provided to them; they always perform their duties with sheer willingness and enthusiasm to go the extra mile every time. They are extremely hard workers and do whatever it takes to get their job done.

Problem-Solving Capacity

Entrepreneurs prefer to work with VAs who not only know how to get things done but also share ideas on how to enhance the company’s productivity and solve day-to-day problems. One good example of competent virtual assistants displaying such skills is by sharing ideas on how a business can manage clients in a particular situation. Managers can significantly benefit from having VAs who can bring fresh ideas to the table and solve specific problems using their vast experience.

Working Independently

Projects keep on evolving in terms of scope and direction; that’s why resourceful VAs are always able to identify specific areas of a project that requires improvement and can take adequate action to correct the situation. Having the willingness to work independently doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t run changes by their clients.

Most entrepreneurs don’t have the time to micromanage things in a given project, so having VAs on their side who can take critical initiatives on their own makes life easier for them.

Apart from the skills and abilities mentioned above, capable virtual assistants also have qualities and expertise, such as being consistent, confident, organized, resourceful, professional, trustworthy, approachable, proactive, flexible, and more.

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