Education Vs. Experience: What Does Your Employer Want From You?

May 27, 2021

Education Vs. Experience: What Does Your Employer Want From You?

With rising university fees and changing employment prospects, many people question whether formal education is important to land a job in the market? As there is no clear answer to that as we have different discussions and statistics supporting the degree’s value on one hand, while experience on the other.

This has made people quite indecisive about whether it is wise to spend all their time and money on a degree. Or if it is better for them to find a job somewhere and start gaining experience.

Value Of A Degree

Many think that only practical experience matters in the professional world. But a college degree holds as much importance. If we estimate the cost of university fees, it is about $100,000-$300,000 or even more for a four-year degree. That is a huge amount which makes many people start looking for a job during their college days.

However, if we look at the stats, it shows that the unemployment rate for those who do have a degree is less than those who have no degree. It is about a 2.2% and 3.7% difference for degreed and non-degreed, respectively. It shows that the current market prefers those with an education in the relevant field. It also shows that people with degrees have somewhat better salaries as compared to non-degreed ones.

But, this doesn’t mean that students who are currently getting their education or have no education can’t get jobs anywhere. Remote jobs are quite helpful in such scenarios and are helping students worldwide to earn and study at the same time. Though the pay rate might not be as high, it still has tremendous advantages for those who want to pursue their career and education simultaneously. It has given students exposure to the professional world and enhanced their productivity levels.

Do Employers Look At The Degree?

Most job postings in the market for office-based positions list education requirements. This means that education matters to most employers rather than just practical knowledge. Getting a degree from a university makes a person ready for the professional world. It polishes the hard and soft skills of the student. Those skills such as verbal communication skills, the ability to work under pressure, and manage things are necessary for working in a professional environment.

However, this doesn’t guarantee that a person with a degree will always be capable in the market.

Education Is Vital

Education holds importance in the market and is quite helpful, especially if you find a job for the first time. Moreover, having a university degree in the relevant field increases the chances of your selection. Therefore, one can’t underestimate the importance of education when trying to get a job in the market. The employer will expect such a person to have gained logical and analytical thinking capability and use that skill in their ever-changing work environment.

Potential Matters Too

Potential has paramount importance in the professional world. If you have luckily got a job without an education, but you don’t have the necessary skills for the job, you won’t last long. Similarly, if you have acquired an education but have not developed your potential, the chances are that you will be left behind.

Employers are always seeking candidates who can put their expertise into their job, and can apply what they know to help make a company grow. Moreover, many jobs in the market require necessary skills rather than a proper bachelor’s degree, such as social media roles, advertising, and pharmacists.

Final Thoughts

Education and experience go hand in hand when it comes to finding a good job in the market. What matters most is the potential and knowledge of the person. The interview phase of the process makes it clear for the employer who is capable of the job. However, the market gives almost equal opportunities to everyone nowadays, and remote jobs play a huge role in that.

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