How To Create Better Workplace Connections For Fully Remote Teams

March 17, 2022

How To Create Better Workplace Connections For Fully Remote Teams

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the corporate world and forced everyone to work from home. Now as the world slowly shifts back to normality, new variants of covid have popped up out of nowhere forcing companies to adhere to remote work for a few more months.

Due to this many companies have permanently made work from home their new working policy and now, most of their employees work from the comfort of their homes.

Although the pandemic halted the social life of individuals around the world, industries still found a way to keep their operations functional. Hence, during this phase, many companies kept up with their onboarding requirements. However, these employees were never able to work from the office. Since day one, most of them had to join the team remotely.

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The pandemic has made people realize how comfortable and convenient remote work is. It has changed the perspective of employees and now, many of them prefer working from home instead of going to the office.

From hiring more skilled people from all over the world to minimizing the cost of hiring employees there are many advantages of hiring remote workers.

But with all the benefits of working from home comes some challenges as well. The biggest challenge that employers face while working with remote teams is keeping all of them engaged.

It has become extremely difficult for employers to maintain workplace connections between their remote teams.

If you are also struggling with making connections with your remote teams then you are in the right place. In this blog, we will talk in detail about some tips and tricks that will help you build better workplace connections among your fully remote teams.

How To Create Meaningful Connections Among Remote Workers

Managing remote teams is not at all easy. No matter where they are working, the only way to increase the productivity of remote teams is by keeping them engaged. To achieve this you will need to have a long-term commitment and strategic approach.

When, as an employer, you invest in your remote workers you will in return get happier and more productive remote workers that will stay with you for a longer period of time.

Here are some of the ways you can keep your remote teams engaged.

Personality Tests

The best way to get to know your remote team is by conducting a personality test. These tests, if designed properly, can provide you and your remote employees with insight into their personalities.

The personality tests will tell you about other employees’ relationship management, personality types, and productivity methods.

This way you can work on building a bridge between yourself and your employees. This might give them the confidence to talk to you.

For instance, after getting the personality test results, you might develop a relationship with a shy and introverted but skilled employee. This might empower him/her to ask for a raise confidently.

So, these tests can be used to improve the collaboration between you and your employees.

Assign A Chief Communication Officer To Every Remote Team

Another way to improve your remote team communication and engagement is by assigning a communication officer to each team. The communication officer will monitor and oversee all the communications between the members of a remote team.

This way the communication officer will be able to run the remote team communication smoothly and will engage remote workers to participate in all the activities.

The communication officer will also plan all the activities and will ensure that the activity timeline works with everyone’s world schedule.

In order to collect valuable information about remote employees, the chief communication officer can conduct surveys that will help him/her collect information about the remote workers.

Keep Virtual Meetings Short

Long virtual meetings and sessions are the biggest culprit in making remote workers lose interest. So it is important that you plan your virtual meetings, game sessions and other team-building sessions such that they don’t take up a lot of time.

When these virtual sessions are kept short it increases the remote team’s engagement and productivity. Hence, if you want to increase your remote worker’s engagement then make sure that you plan your virtual session in a precise timeline.

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