Patch 2.1 Release Announcement – Employees

February 28, 2022

Patch 2.1 Release Announcement Employees

Monitoring Application

Welcome aboard the Worktually Monitoring App! Once you’ve been hired by an employer, you will have access to download the Worktually Monitoring App. Screenshots are automatically captured every 3 minutes, you can check-in and check-out through the app, and auto check-out has been enabled.

Transaction Reversal

The transaction reversal notification will notify employees if a withdrawal request fails for any reason. The failed transaction notification will appear in the transaction history and return the funds back to your Worktually wallet.

CNIC Verification

We have simplified the CNIC verification process in order to help streamline the funds withdrawal process. By visiting your profile page, you can upload proof of CNIC documentation, which will prevent any potential unwanted delays for withdrawals.

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