Patch 2.3.0 Release Announcement For Employee

February 10, 2023


Worktually unfalteringly works toward ensuring that our platform facilitates an employee in every possible way to help them collaborate with existing and prospective employers in a perfectly streamlined and organized manner. With this goal in mind, Worktually proudly presents a new feature that allows employees to view increments received on each of their octave jobs. To make the interview scheduling and rescheduling process more streamlined, we have also enhanced the existing feature to allow employees to view the already booked slots. Some minor bug fixes have also been made.

New Features

Feature 1 – View Hourly Rate Increments

Employees can now expect increments on the current hourly rate for each of their active jobs (to be received at the employer’s discretion). They can also view these increments on the active jobs portal.


Enhancement 1 – Ability To View Already Booked Slots On An Employer’s Calendar

In order to streamline the rescheduling request process for interviews, employees will now have visibility into booked or requested time slots on the employer’s calendar. This enhancement will enable employees to efficiently select an available slot at their earliest convenience, eliminating the need for additional follow-up to confirm the availability of the requested time.

Enhancement 2 – Improved Pre-Screen Interview Coordination With Admin

When seeking to reschedule a pre-screen interview, an employee can now view the already booked or requested slots on Admin calendars, thereby ensuring that they send requests for only an open spot. By doing so, they can ensure that their requests are only made for open time slots, increasing the likelihood of the request being approved without the need for additional follow-up regarding availability.

Bug Fixes

Numerous interview scheduling and rescheduling bug fixes on the employer’s interface.

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