7 Benefits Of Time Tracking Software That Can Help Manage Your Remote Team

February 25, 2021

7 Benefits Of Time Tracking Software That Can Help Manage Your Remote Team

Managing a remote team can be challenging since you are not there to monitor them. You are unsure whether your team is working or not.

So, how can you manage them better? The answer is through time tracking software. Time tracking software helps both employers and employees. It not only helps the employer track their employees’ performance but also helps employees master their time management skills.

Time tracking software is becoming common among managers and employers. This is because it offers a myriad of benefits for your business. We will mention the benefits of time tracking software to help you manage your remote team below but first, let’s read about what time tracking software is.

About Time Tracking Software

It is software that is installed on your systems computer or laptop to monitor your work performance. It records the time spent on each task, thus determining their pay according to their working hours. Other features that it includes:

  • Tracking time and hours
  • Tracking resources
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Taking screenshots of your employee’s screen

Benefits Of Time Tracking Software

See How Your Employees Spend Their Time

Do you often find it hard to monitor your remote team when you have tight deadlines? With time tracking software, you can track how your employees spend their time.

You can see a complete picture of what they are up to. Time tracking software takes screenshots of your employee’s screens at regular intervals. This helps give you updates on their performance. It also creates a compulsion on your employees to focus on their work and deadlines.

It Helps Employees In Self-Analysis

For a regular job, an employee has the motivation to get out of his bed and go. Remote teams find it hard to find enough motivation and get distracted easily. This leads to delayed task submission.

Time tracking software helps employees to self-analyze and determine how they are performing. It creates discipline and motivation in them to do better and beat their former accomplishing times.

It Improves Collaboration

Time tracking software helps in better collaboration among remote team members. The notifications of other software can often be deceiving, not knowing and having no way to check if an employee is available or not. Time tracking shows who is available online and what they are doing as it tracks their recent activities.

It Tracks Check-in And Check-out Times

Keeping a record of attendance is a stringent process. Time tracking software helps you monitor the attendance of your remote teams. It records the time when a particular employee starts working and how much time he spends on doing that. It also tracks check out time.

It Reduces HR Costs

Time tracking programs can reduce much of the tasks related to HR. This can result in reduced HR costs as many tasks would be accomplished automatically by the system.

Time tracking software performs tasks such as payroll, attendance, and material management. It also reduces material cost as everything is saved in a soft copy.

It Analyzes Personnel Decisions

Time tracking software tracks each employee’s working hours, tasks accomplished, attendance timings, and productivity. This can help in deciding whether to keep a particular employee in your organization or not.

It also helps in seeing how much work is assigned to each individual in the company. This way, you can decide whether to assign more work or not. It can also help you see which employees have been assigned too much work.

Know The Location Of Your Employees

You may not know whether your employee is working from home or not. Sometimes, remote employees work while going on trips. This can create distractions, making them miss deadlines. This can badly affect productivity.

You can track the location of your employees with a GPS tracking tool. You can install GPS technology software that tracks the clock-in and clock-out times of your employees.

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