3 Essential Qualities To Look For In Remote Workers

November 18, 2020

3 Essential Qualities To Look For In Remote Workers

The advances in technology and the recent upheavals in the conventional workplace setting due to the COVID-19 pandemic have caused organizations to take the first step into a new era of remote working. So far, the model has been proven successful, but one thing that has troubled organizations is an effective way to hire the right flexible workers for the job.

Since more and more companies are now considering working with a distributed team, it is essential to find a system that can help them employ the right people. In other words, employers must know what will determine their team’s success and what traits to look for in productive and smart remote employees.

So how do you identify truly dedicated remote employees? Below are five essential qualities to identify the right worker fit for the job.


Good communication is easily one of the most important characteristics to look for in a successful remote employee. While working away from the office, if the employee is not good at communicating, he will not give his feedback on essential matters. He will also fail to convey the good and bad aspects of his job role to his superiors.

This kind of communication is vital to have with the employers as it will help them settle better in the organization and make them more productive and successful.

At Worktually, we often tell our clients to hire a person who can express himself clearly and effectively over a person who is under-confident and lacks good communication skills.


When working remotely, staying organized is crucial. In this type of working model, as employees are no longer inside the office’s premises, they need to be able to balance their personal life and their official/professional life. To make sure they can effectively manage everything together, employers must evaluate their organizational skills during the hiring process.

One way to test their organization skills is by assigning them an urgent and lengthy task with a short deadline. Ask them to keep track of their activities until the deadline. Once submitted, see if their activities follow a clear plan, showing their working progress through different stages. If the said person does follow a clear and concise method to handle the task, then he is an ideal remote worker.

This test will also help you determine other qualities necessary for remote workers, such as self-management, independence, and consistency.


Although remote workers don’t share a physical space with the organization, it does not mean that they are working alone. They are still a part of the team, working together towards a shared goal.

Unfortunately, most employers often overlook this trait, as they believe that since people are not working together, they might not need to be good team players. However, it is contrary to what a remote work environment should look like.

Collaborative skills are crucial if organizations want to function successfully with people spread out globally. They must have employees who know that they, along with other workers, are working on when trying to achieve a mutual goal and respect the same values. For this reason, organizations must hire people who are good team players and have collaborative skills.

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