Top 3 Reasons Why Remote Employees Are Ghosting You

January 26, 2023

Top 3 Reasons Why remote employees Are Ghosting You

There are many benefits of hiring remote workers, such as no travel costs, no office maintenance costs, and many more. But with all these perks come some drawbacks.

The biggest drawback of hiring staff remotely is that at times it can become extremely difficult for employers to communicate with their remote employees. After months of searching, they find a remote worker, only to get ghosted by them.

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Getting ghosted by remote employees is a common problem faced by employers. To tackle such an issue, you first need to understand the root cause of the problem.

Most employers blame the remote workers for ghosting them. But sometimes, it is the fault of the employers themselves that leads to them being ghosted.

If you are unaware of the reasons why remote workers are ghosting you, then keep reading. In this blog post, we will outline the top 3 reasons why remote employees ghost their employers.

The Employers Were Rude

The biggest reason why remote workers often ghost a recruiter is that they are rude and arrogant.

A common misconception people have is that attitude doesn’t matter when working remotely. This is totally false. Whether you are working onsite or from home, you need to have a professional attitude.

Attitude is the first thing that a remote employee notices when they get interviewed by an employer. So if you were being rude during the interview or showed a lack of interest, it should come as no surprise if later the remote worker ghosts you.

Hence, if you don’t want to get ghosted by your remote workers, then make sure to have a professional attitude throughout the hiring process.

The Whole Interview Process Felt Cold

23 percent of people who apply say they didn’t go through with it because they didn’t feel like anyone cared about them during the process. Gen Z often feels like they aren’t connecting with real people because many businesses are using artificial intelligence for some aspects of the process and, frequently, not responding at all to applications.

According to Todd Cherches, CEO and co-founder of the executive coaching company BigBlueGumball, “Gen Z is the feedback generation.” “It’s not always about the money. More often, it’s about feeling chosen, special, and validated. People will feel and behave that way if they are treated like cogs in a machine.

This means it is important to stay in touch with applicants during the selection process, letting them know when you’ve received their applications and other materials and letting them know if you have decided to hire someone else.

Sending a rejection letter is one of the most crucial steps, according to Bur. Because it lets people know they weren’t selected for the position, even though you appreciate them applying.

So in order to avoid such situations, it is better to use online marketplaces to find your remote employees. These websites have features that let you conduct interviews with your potential remote workers online. This way, your remote worker will feel important, and it will reduce your chances of getting ghosted.

Employers Are Making Excessive Demands

According to 40% of college grads, the hardest part of the job search is dealing with employers who demand several years of experience for entry-level positions.

According to Bill Nichols, practice director at Robert Half, “if it’s an entry-level hire, a lot of what we have to do is educate our clients as to what that means.”

You should really base your recruiting on expectations, and a lot of it is soft skills if you’re looking for an entry-level hire. Have they acquired any internship experience? However, the possibility of hiring is a factor in taking a chance.

Gen Z will be easier to hire for companies that have a better understanding of what it means to invest in the right talent and have good training programs in place.

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