How To Write The Perfect Resume For Landing A Remote Job

December 10, 2020

How To Write The Perfect Resume For Landing A Remote Job

In the age of start-ups, businesses are moving towards a remote job environment. Having a nine-to-five grind is not necessary as people can now work from anywhere in the world, at any time. If you have read about the job market, here is some good news. The number of remote job opportunities have increased and more and more people are becoming self-reliant while at home.

But how do you get a remote job? It’s no wonder why you are not hearing back from the people you have applied for if you haven’t updated your resume in a while. Your main task is to prove yourself in the things an employer is demanding. If you had been using the same resume for years to apply for different jobs, maybe it’s time to update your resume.

Updating your resume can land you the job you had been eyeing for years. When it comes to remote jobs, employers usually take your interview online. They mostly rely on your skills mentioned in your resume and how you have conveyed them.

Tips To Write Your Resume For A Remote Job

Write Your Qualifications And PVP At The Top

This is something your potential manager sees at first glance. Highlight your education first and all relevant certifications that you have done. This section doesn’t only include educational qualifications, but you can also highlight your professional experience.

But before that, you must add your Personal Value Proposition (PVP) at the top. State who you are and what sets you apart from the rest of the candidates. State your strengths and what benefits the company would get by hiring you. This part does require a lot of time and thought to create a compelling statement that convinces the manager to call you.

Include Keywords To Get Through Application Tracking System (ATS)

Many companies search for employees through an electronic system. There are certain keywords or qualities that a company is looking for, and if you don’t add those keywords, your application will go to the rejected pile.

Therefore, doing keyword research and adding them to your resume will increase your chances of selection. To do keyword research, print out the job ad, and start marking all the relevant keywords you think they might be looking for. Research about them on their websites and social media pages. This should help give you an idea of what type of employees they are looking for.

Add those keywords and skills in your resume, and you are good to go. Ensure to do word mining before applying for any job.

Decide On A Particular Resume Format

Before you begin to write, you need to figure out the format that would be the most suitable for you. The most commonly used resume format is:

Reverse Chronological Order

Highlighting your education and qualifications from the current date and going backward. This one is the best suitable for those who have a steady career path.

Functional Resume

This one highlights the points that are the most suitable for the job you are applying for. It is a suitable format for those who have gaps in their work history.

Hybrid Format

That includes the combination of both previous formats. This one is great for those looking to switch their career paths. This includes your professional experience and other factors in chronological order.

Show Off Your Technical Skills

Remote working often requires strong technical skills and familiarity with the software. It is an integral part of remote work that you must have the ability to collaborate with your teammates remotely. If you hold any such skills, it is the best time to showcase them here.

Several team management softwares are there to help managers manage their remote employees. List all software, collaboration tools, and platforms that you have used.

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