Worktually finds and recruits professionals from various industries based on their qualifications, skill sets, and previous job experience. After potential employees are brought on board, we connect them with the right employers all across the globe.

Remote employees, once hired for the job, work for employers around the world from their home offices, while their performance is supervised by employers using our online employee management system.

Yes, remote employees under Worktually are dedicated to only one employer full-time. Worktually does not allow remote employees to work for any other company once they are hired by you.

Remote employees work and perform tasks just like regular employees, with one exception; they work in a remote office. Employers have full access to the performance of their remote employee(s) through our innovative employee management system. They can communicate with their employee(s) whenever they desire (within set working hours).

Worktually exists to reduce HR costs for employers. Remote employees hired through Worktually generally cost four times less than a typical in-house employee. For example, if your average employee cost is $4000/month, a remote employee hired under Worktually should cost you approximately $1000/month.

Remote employees are provided with the holidays of their resident country. Worktually understands that diversity is important for any business. Remote employees are given the freedom to celebrate their culture and traditions while remaining productive under your company guidelines.

Employees make use of the basic hardware and software necessary for remote work. However, if a tool is not available, the employer will be responsible for providing those tools. Worktually will help employers throughout this process.

  • Highs-speed Internet
  • Computer:
    • Intel i5 processor
    • 8 GB Ram
    • 250 GB Hard Drive
  • Software:
    • Windows 10 Professional

Remote employees are provided with a basic phone number, but the employer is expected to provide telemarketing or other necessary phone-related software for their remote employees. Employers with existing software are welcome to integrate their new remote employees into their system in order to maximize their level of synergy and production.

Employers can contact their remote employees by phone, video call, email, or live chat. It’s completely up to the employer to choose their preferred platform for communication. Remote employees will be monitored and supervised to make sure there is no malpractice of any sort.

Worktually strives to foster a positive work environment for remote employees while keeping them motivated and focused on their job. We also guide and support them throughout the whole process.

Employers are charged a fixed hourly rate. The hourly rate is determined for remote employees prior to an employer hiring them. This way, employers have complete freedom to pay the predetermined amount and have the option to conclude the service whenever they feel fit. Please note that you will be required to deposit $200 USD into your Worktually wallet, which will be held in escrow, before an employee starts working for you.

No, there is no setup or hidden fees. Worktually only charges a small service fee on the hourly rate, as per the hours worked by the employee. The employer has complete access to employee’s work hours and can restrict or increase the working hours depending on the workload.

Worktually charges a 10% fee on the hourly rate of your employee (as per the hours worked by the employee).

You can pay online using a credit or debit card. We are working on adding more traditional online payment methods in the future. If you face any difficulties regarding payments, please feel free to contact us!

You can see your current balance and transaction details on your Worktually dashboard and by visiting the wallet section from within your account.

We have developed an extensively streamlined payment system where any disputes are unlikely to occur. However, in the case of a payment dispute, we make sure to resolve the matter after carefully reviewing the situation.

We will process all refund requests according to our terms and conditions.

Yes, remote employees are scheduled to work within your office hours. Worktually provides services to employers all around the world. We make sure remote employees adhere to the specified time zones.

Remote employees are generally scheduled for a 9-hour shift, which includes a one-hour lunch and two 15-minutes breaks. In total, they work for seven and a half hours. The fact that working hours and schedules are based on customized requirements of the employers, the standard shift encompasses them strategically.

When an employer posts a job, it is first reviewed and approved by one of our Worktually team members. Remote employees are first pre-screened based on the job post. Once candidates are matched with a job post, interviews can be scheduled. The employer can choose to hire one or more candidates or request additional interviews. The whole hiring process doesn’t cost a thing.

You can easily manage your remote employee(s) through our application. Through modern means of communication, we ensure that your remote employee is on time, working, and focused throughout their shift. We also provide basic training that encompasses work ethics, related policies, and procedures, making sure the remote employee(s) are capable of serving a diverse range of employers.

If an employee needs to acquire additional training to meet job requirements, the employer will be responsible for providing the training. This way, the employer will be able to communicate their expectations and key performance indicators.