Enjoy More Of Worktually With Curtailed Hurdles And Uplifted Features

Enjoy More Of Worktually With Curtailed Hurdles And Uplifted Features

Worktually and its team of professional developers are always on their toes to make the platform bigger and better with each passing day.

What’s New?

Automatic Meeting Invitations & Alerts

With our improved interview process, now every attendee will get an automatic interview invitation they can accept or reject as per their preferences. Once logged in to Gmail, all attendees will now receive interview reminders.

A New Offer Menu

Employers do not have to rummage through the jobs they posted to keep track of the offers they have made to various candidates. We have added a new offers tab to our menu to make things more streamlined and organized. Enjoy a clear view of your offers and counter offers and an elevated hiring process.

Maximized Payment Details Confidentiality (Candidate/Employee)

Our Process improvements have eliminated the need for adding payment methods during the initial hiring process. As a candidate, you do not have to add your payment details until and unless you become eligible for your first payment. You will only change your wallet settings once payment becomes due to you.

Add Comments For Rejected Candidates

Employers can now add comments for all rejected candidates after they conduct interviews with them. This will allow for better candidate screening and filtering to further improve the hiring process.

OTP Security Layer For Email Changes (Both)

In order to avoid the use of fake email addresses and discourage email-related scams, every email change will require an employer/employee to verify their new email address using a One-Time-Password.

OTP Security Layer For Refund / Card Update / Withdrawals

Your funds and confidential card or bank information are safer than ever before. In order to avoid substantial financial losses resulting from phishing and other cybercrime attempts, we have elevated our security protocols to include an additional OTP requirement for any request for a refund, card detail updates, or withdrawals.

Bug Fixes

Hourly Decimal Rate

Previously, employers were unable to add a decimal hourly rate when editing a job offer. This issue has been resolved, and employers can now add a decimal hourly rate to their offers.

Interview Request Acceptance

While acting on complaints regarding many candidates’ inability to accept interview requests, our team of developers has discarded the bug and made interview acceptance easier and smoother.

Improved ‘Suggested Candidates’ Tab

For an improved and enhanced hiring experience, we have revamped the ‘suggested candidates’ tab to show accurate, reasonably detailed, and discernible data regarding every prospective candidate.

Easier Refund Cancellation

The raised issue regarding transaction reversals with regard to refund cancellations by the employer has also been resolved.

Pre-Screen Interview Reschedule/Update

The Worktually team has also improved the interview reschedule and calendar update function. Previously, attendees didn’t get invites for rescheduled meetings and interviews. With our improved invitation and recsheduling processes, the calendar now works in synchrony with your interview updates.

‘Job Label’ Field

When editing an already posted job, some employers realized that the ‘Job Label’ field was empty, although they had formerly filled it. This bug has now been fixed.

Eliminated The Reschedule Self Approval Bug

Hitherto, the individual who requests the rescheduling of an event was able to accept or reject the request. However, now only the recipient of the request has this privilege.

Worktually 2.1.6 Release Updates

Worktually 2.1.6 Release Updates

Job offer improvements

Worktually has made the process of making job offers more detailed and simplified. The employer can now easily send job offers, joining dates, hourly rates, and weekly schedules to employees. Employees can make counter offers to employers with the same details.

2 Factor Authentication

Worktually has made the platform more secure for employers and employees alike. Users can enable 2 Factor Authentication on their account through their email accounts and make their accounts on the Worktually application more secure.

The latest update also includes Minor Bug Fixes and Enhancements that make this platform more efficient.

Feel free to contact our representatives if you have any questions regarding the latest updates.


Team Worktually

Improved Automated Matchmaking

Improved Automated Matchmaking

Worktually has made it even easier to find the most experienced and relevant dedicated remote employees with its improved automated matchmaking. When you post a job with the relevant details, our algorithm will automatically match skills, experience, required ratings, and hourly rates to show the most suitable candidates for your job post.

Save time and get matched with the best possible candidates within minutes!

More Updates

The latest patch also includes updates to our Support process. We now have a Knowledge Base section on the website with an enhanced Help Desk, a new Support Ticket System, and a Live Chat feature.

The patch also includes Improved validations and some minor bug fixes.

Feel free to contact our representatives if you have any questions regarding the latest updates.


Team Worktually